Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition that affects approximately 60% women and 85% of men at some time in their lives.


Become a certified Trichologist, join the World Trichology Society, courses are overseen personally by Dr. David H. Kingsley.


Not all hair loss is permanent. In fact, there are many hair loss conditions that can be helped by slowing, halting or even reversing it.

Trichological Treatments

A multifaceted treatment regimen may be necessary to achieve the best improvement. 


As a board-certified trichologist, Dr. Kingsley, Ph.D., FWTS has been dedicated to the study of the hair and scalp for over 30 years. Dr. Kingsley is recognized as a leading expert in the science and practice of hair loss prevention and has successfully treated thousands of patients throughout his career. Dr. David H. Kingsley, Ph.D., FWTS is an internationally renowned hair-loss specialist who treats all types of HAIR AND SCALP conditions, including:

Dr. David H. Kingsley, the ONLY trichologist in the world who is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, helps find and correct the cause(s) of your hair loss or scalp condition. In addition, he will help to improve both the psychological and cosmetic effects that are often associated with these problems.

Dr. Kingsley, the ONLY trichologist in North America with a doctorate in hair-loss research, understands that healthy hair is closely linked to overall physical and psychological well-being. We treat all types of hair and scalp conditions including Female Hair Loss, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania, Traction Alopecia, Slow Hair Growth, Hair Breakage, Dry Dull or Limp Hair, & Associated Scalp Conditions.


Dr. David Kingsley offers the opportunity to have a trichological tele-consultation with him to discuss your hair loss condition.